Due to its art of living, its rich heritage and its wide-open spaces, Ardèche has been overtime revealed, as a unique territory. This recognition has resulted in the creation of the Mont d’Ardèche Regional Natural Park in 2001. The park’s territory then evolved to integrate some municipalities of Haute-Loire.

Le partage des eaux, amazing experience !

The invisible dividing line of the waters separates the Mediterranean basin from the Atlantic basin.

Being physically on that line, it is to have under one foot the springs flowing into the Mediterranean and under the other those throwing into the Atlantic. This line that crosses the Monts d’Ardèche naturally inspired Le Partage des Eaux, on an artistic “open sky” Journey.

To visit the Monts d’Ardèche, is to venture on the small roads of the territory and discover around a bend, a hamlet, terraces, a river, a volcano… and surely, your little corner of paradise!

Crédit photo : Nicolas Lelièvre